Elevate your game.

ELIA enables you to become the best version of yourself and then prepares you for bringing your leadership to bear in how you engage and inspire others. It’s like a martial arts dojo for leadership—with deep, persistent practice and simulation among trusted allies.

Innovate where it matters.

ELIA enables you to go from a vague concept to something real and game-changing. You’ll learn to harness collective intelligence for radical breakthroughs. You’ll learn to mobilize collaboration and commitment from others, as well as handle inevitable setbacks and gut-wrenching trade-off decisions. You’ll also learn to leverage those talents that are uniquely yours.

Succeed where you belong.

ELIA will reset your path so that you know what’s yours to do and how to make a difference. It provides you with a rich matrix of knowledge and tools for unpacking dilemmas and working through them. You’ll be supported by a community of dedicated peers that “get” you and support you for the long haul.

You will walk away from this fundamentally changed.
— ELIA Alumna

What is different about ELIA?

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