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This bold initiative has evolved into an inspiring community of leaders and a movement for a better way to lead and live.

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You will walk away from this fundamentally changed. This isn't about collecting handouts or learning step-by-step tools. There are some tools to learn, but this is about changing your brain, and changing the way you respond in situations that happen in your life.

What you will learn will be helpful both personally and professionally. You will learn your "unique genius" and how best to leverage it. You will learn to see with new eyes what's happening around you, and how best to respond to influence the result.

— Andrea Freeman, Leadership Coach and Consultant / ELIA Alumna


ELIA is particularly valuable for anyone who has reached the point where they are seeking greater authenticity, don't want to just “play the game” and yet believe they are capable of making an even greater impact.

As a former Navy pilot and executive at companies like Pepsi, Macy’s and Patagonia, and now leading a broad range of organization and leadership engagements for multinational corporations, I’ve been exposed to many different approaches to leadership and transformation. Despite the claims, most of those programs rely on tactical interactions and an appeal to fear and “burning platforms” to motivate people. Among the many things I’ve learned through ELIA is that a burning platform without an invitation to something greater is hollow and fundamentally dishonest. ELIA has provided me with a new and I believe more effective framework for understanding these complex organization challenges—as well as the ability to better influence leaders and initiate change.

 — Bob Lambert, Managing Director, Allegis Partners / ELIA Alumnus



ELIA offers a way of bringing leadership into our everyday lives and the organizations and communities to which we belong. It is for people who want to live with daring empathy and as change agents, even if the changes that are influenced are often “under the radar” and undetected. It is a way of being present in the world, a way of empowering others with courageous love, a way of contributing a voice in the conversation and encouraging others to do the same.

In practice, ELIA provides a unique opportunity for the shared exploration and discovery of what it means to embody leadership, to realize the power of the collective and the gifts of each individual. And it allows the time and space to cultivate and integrate an authentic, invitational way of leading. I would encourage anyone who is looking for a deeper level of leadership and connection to consider participating in the ELIA program.

— Leanne Rowley, Writer / Search & Rescue Manager / ELIA Alumna



ELIA helps leaders deeply understand their environments and respond more effectively, and it does this better than almost all other leadership programs I’ve come across (and I’ve been exposed to quite a few).

I believe leadership is complicated. The issues/challenges and opportunities leaders and organizations face are ever increasing, and the sensibilities and capabilities needed by leaders to meet these challenges have changed. The evolutionary principles and practices taught through the ELIA program have enabled me to bring more visible and potent leadership to my organization, my dealings with other companies, and my personal life. This program will appeal to and benefit any leader who wants to develop into their own leadership artistry and transform their ability to lead in complex situations. Mitch and Maryliz are both fantastic teachers and mentors. They have the uncanny ability to draw out both individuals’ and a group’s latent potential across the multiple domains of intelligence: intellectual, emotional and somatic.

— Matt Dockerty, Director, Technology Platforms and Operations, ICBC / ELIA Alumnus


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