1 year of life-changing community

3 five-day gatherings in a beautiful setting

6 webinars to deepen learning and practice

6 private coaching sessions with ELIA founders

Transformational leadership applied to your professional and personal realities



ELIA = Embodied Leadership, Intimacy, and Artistry

ELIA explores the more complex qualities of leadership that separate the few from the many—that rare and powerful leadership presence that appears effortless while changing everything, and seems to come from so deep within the individual.

What if all that could come from within you? Over one year, you will learn to embody the greater knowledge, awareness, and skill for turning your leadership into its own beautiful and efficient art. You will also cultivate the ability to reliably and ethically influence the trajectory and evolution of other persons, organizations, and communities.  

With ELIA, you will find yourself in a forum quite different from a typical leadership training. More similar to a martial arts dojo, the aim is to move far beyond the usual skills of convening, facilitating, and awareness of individual development and group process. 




What you cannot learn from a book or weekend workshop.

The ELIA repertoire builds capacities that can only grow over time, in community, and through repeated experiential practice. Here is just a sample of what you will learn during your time with ELIA:

  • The ability to shift your state at will and bring the full force of your presence to bear when it’s most needed

  • The development of unique-to-you, artistic ways you can influence pivotal moments

  • A partnership approach that respects a person’s or organization’s distinctive way of being and creating value

  • A reliable map for assessing what’s happening and needed in complex situations

  • An elegant method for identifying and influencing the development of what might be emerging underneath instability, confusion or conflict

  • A powerful way to help shape the future without unnecessary force




ELIA is about real-world results.

This is not idle theory. The approaches we will be working with have been validated by two generations of research, and have been tested in the real world. For example, here are some direct results from leaders working with ELIA founders and their colleagues:

  • His Holiness The Dalai Lama drew on unprecedented input from other world leaders yielding a breakthrough that, for the foreseeable future, will prevent China from destroying Tibetan Buddhism.

  • One of the largest military bases in the US was converted into an innovative public university that now serves over 7,000 California students per year.

  • Hundreds of people have found a more resourceful and generative way to live with cancer.

  • A Fortune company rebounded from the crippling effects of a $50 million dollar judgment for employee discrimination.

  • Numerous early stage, venture-backed companies survived the perilous journey required to bring a disruptive innovation to market and then turn that into a growing concern and/or a liquidity event.

  • Many organizations have created or transformed their culture to become a great place to work, while also rapidly evolving to keep pace with constant change.